Duffel Coat

Thursday, January 22, 2015

 Somehow I lost this sweater in the depths of my closet (why does this keep happening to me?). It's such a different color from anything else that I own. Looking at these pictures, it kind of made me look the same color as the sweater, but I guess there's nothing wrong with that. Any more yellow, though, and I would look pukey. And no one wants that!
 I'm reaching the part of winter where I'm sick of all my clothes. It's cold, so I don't want to wear dresses and skirts. But I'm so sick of every shirt I own. But I don't really want to spend the money on lots of new clothes. WHAT DO I DO. Does anyone else have this problem during the winter? Also, meet my NEW FAVORITE COAT. It's the most perfect stadium coat ever. I love the hood, the fit, the toggles. And, get this - it's from L.L.Bean. Who knew that they had stylish things besides bean boots??
{Coat: L.L.Bean | Sweater: J.Crew Factory | Pants: Gap | Shoes: DSW | Scarf: Modcloth | Headband: J.Crew | Watch: Michael Kors}


Monday, January 19, 2015

 It has been so cold in St. Louis the past couple of weeks (until this weekend, which was GORGEOUS). So cold that outfit photos just were not going to happen. It was all I could do to walk calmly to my car in the morning instead of sprinting from the door. Ugh. Winter. But I miss you guys, so I figured I'd try to take outfit photos inside. The lighting is actually really great in my apartment for photos, which is nice!
(Sweater: Loft (old) | Jeans: Gap | Booties: Steve Madden (similar) | Scarf: ? | Watch: Michael Kors | Fitbit | Bracelet: Loft}

2015 Golden Globes: The Worst

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello, and welcome back to my own personal version of E's Fashion Police (I want on that show, how do I get on that show?)! When we last spoke, I was bringing you the most gorgeous looks from the red carpet, but these are just ...not. As I mentioned previously, there was so much early 2000s prom going on. I don't want to relive that time, thanks very much!

We'll jump right in...
WHAT IS THIS. I said I liked a well-fitting pantsuit on a woman, but this is just beyond hideous. And those shoes! No. no. no. no. NO.
Rosamund Pike, you're gorgeous. But this is like a sheet with interesting cutouts held up by some household twine. NO. It's so ill-fitting and is completely unflattering. What were you thinking?
Kerry is usually on my "what? no" list and this year is no exception. I maybe could have handled it if it went to the floor. But this weird too-long-to-be-tea-length? Not feeling it. And it's too shiny.
Ok. I know she's pregnant. And I love Kiera Knightly. And somehow she makes the collar of this dress work. But the rest of it....oh hell no. And why are there birds?
Ugh. Sigh. This is a sheet. Not a dress. 
NO. Just no. Pastels I can handle, but this cut. The material. The lack of any sort of embellishment. Snooooooze.
TINA WHAT IS THIS. I like that it has pockets. But that's about it. Why is it so poofy? Why is it so short? Why?
Now don't get me wrong. Melissa McCarthy looks GREAT. And she's one of the funniest people ever. But this dress? Girl. No. What is that bow? What is that top? I have so many questions.
Red Bull gives you wings?
I just don't get Lena Dunham. And as far as her past red carpet forays go, this isn't that bad. But it's still by no means good. 
This is a bridesmaids dress. And not even a very nice one. Not something you wear on the red carpet. Bleh.
If I were still 4 and in my Little Mermaid phase, I think I'd love this.
Ok. Now. This dress didn't immediately scream awful to me. But see all that piping? It's all unfinished. As one of the gentleman watching with me asked "Is that dress inside out?"
Another tea-length disaster that resulted in another gem from the peanut gallery "Her breastplate is moving but she isn't!"
Ahhhh. This color is just all kinds of awful for Guiliana. And can we just move past this silhouette? Please? PLEASE?

2015 Golden Globes: The Best

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's that time of year again! Awards season! I'm a little late getting my favorites (and least favorites...coming soon!) up on ze blog, but I was entertaining people Sunday night and then I crashed and went to bed. Sue me. 

Fashion this year was ...interesting. We all kept commenting that a lot of the dresses and hairstyles looked like something we wore to prom. In 2004. But there were quite a few standouts!

There was a lot of silver on the red carpet this year, which was a nice change from previous years' white trend. It worked on some, like Reese here - who looked like a gorgeous, blond disco ball, but not on others. 
In my head, if we were ever to meet, Emma Stone and I would be great friends. We'd hang out all the time and I'd miraculously lose 80 pounds so that we could share clothes. Like this gorgeous jumpsuit. I love everything about it. Except that weird bow. That has to go,
More pants! Seriously, I am all for the ladies rocking beautiful pantsuits on the red carpet. Keep it coming, Hollywood! 
Kate Hudson looked gorgeous in this dress. I am so jealous. It was the perfect combination of classy and sexy. And that amount of train is just superb.
Dakota Johnson just really does nothing for me. However, this dress. Another glorious disco ball. I want it. I would wear it everywhere.
This almost strays too close to wedding dress territory. But, I would totes wear that if I were getting married. It's so flattering and timeless! And I love the mirrored belt!
Anna, my old friend! I love this dress. It looks so wonderful on her, and I love the detailing and neckline. I just wish she had done something a little more exciting with her hair/makeup...
Yellow was another big color on the carpet. I love how bright and cheery it is, and it works on Naomi Watts in a way that it never would on me (also, bonus Liev Schriber). She looks absolutely gorgeous and I loved her snake necklace!
Gina Rodriguez is my new fave (and clearly I need to watch Jane the Virgin stat). Her speech was beautiful, and her gorgeous, simple black dress was absolutely perfect.
Another disco ball! Kate Beckinsale has been gorgeous for the last 20+ years, so it's no surprise that she looked beautiful at the Globes. Again, I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. If I had somewhere to wear it, that is...
HI CUMBERBABY! I adore this dress. I want it. In full-length. In knee-length. However. I loved the print, the cut, everything. And Sophie Hunter paired her hair and makeup so well. Love. 
Let's all just admit that we want to be Heidi Klum. The end.
Miss Golden Globes! Who knew Kelsey Grammar could make someone so pretty? I loved this youthful dress. It made me so happy every time she awkwardly directed someone offstage. 
Bow to the queen. Emily Blunt is awesome, and this simple grecian dress was absolutely perfect on her. If I could somehow get my skintone to work with white, this would be exactly what I'd choose for my dream beach destination wedding!
Another yellow dress! Leslie Mann kept it simple and by god did it work. This form-fitting number was just gorgeous. 
Werk, Jane Fonda. I want to be that hot when I'm old. Or now...
I WANT THIS DRESS SO BAD OH EM GEE. Ellie Kemper usually chooses dresses I don't particularly like. Nor do I normally like gray dresses. But this one. GIMME.

That rounds up my favorites. Stay tuned for the worst of the worst and those I just couldn't decide about!

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I'm a die-hard department store foundation user, but the drugstores have recently stepped up their face-base game! When my current choice started to run low, I decided to see what I could find on the shelves of Wal-Mart. The British gals have raved about Rimmel for years, but I swear I only started noticing it recently in drugstores here. I've tried their mascara and bronzer before, but never their foundation. 

I brought along my empty bottle to find a color match (c'mon, drugstores, can we please sample foundations??) from the Rimmel offerings, and found a perfect one in the Clean Finish Foundation (I'm shade 120 Ivory). Guys, I'm in love. Containing mineral powders for shine-control, it's a light-to-medium foundation that touts a natural, 100% poreless look. Sounds almost too good to be true for under $5!

Here's the before and after - top I have nothing on my face except moisturizer and bottom I'm wearing just the foundation! I love it. It's got great staying power, with or without primer. It has an extremely natural, skin-like finish and the color match is spot on. It covers my redness without looking cakey and, if it's not 100% poreless (is anything, really?) it does a fair job of covering up blemishes and imperfections. And I don't look like a grease ball after a few hours! This might be my new favorite beauty product. Rimmel, you're the greatest!