Friday, July 25, 2014

{Top: TJ Maxx | Skirt: ModCloth | Belt: Steve Madden (similar) | Sandals: Loft (similar) | Necklace & Earrings: Loft Outlet (super old) | Watch: Fossil | Lip: Revlon Cherries in the Snow}

Blog, meet another ModCloth skirt. Equally as obsessed with this as with the other. It's been perfect for summer. The material is crepe, so it's lightweight and breezy. And it is the best color green! And it has pockets. They're a girl's best friend!

In other news, someone seriously needs to explain how it is almost August? Which is great. Because August = finally vacation month (I'm jetting off to California next Wednesday), but it also means several other things. The end of summer. Which is great. The start of fall, arguably one of my favorite seasons. But it also means some big changes, which are scary. Terrifying actually. But, I'll take them as they come because that's all you can do!

Liquid Matte

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I love me a matte lip. Obviously. And I also love things that come in a liquid (or liquid-like) format. And I am completely intrigued by things that are liquid but have a matte finish but utterly lost as to how they even work. How. I've tried products like this (Sephora's Cream Lip Stain and Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick) and was not impressed. Tacky, super matte, and even more drying, they're just not my thing. Who wants to have crusty lips after 15 minutes? And I don't even have particularly dry lips! 

Then came NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream. And I became a convert.
{shades 07 Addis Ababa and 08 San Paulo}
Unlike either the Sephora or Stila products, these are actually creamy. How they're creamy, liquidy, and matte at the same time is beyond me. But it's true. Their whipped texture makes them lightweight but with a really excellent color payoff. The wand is the perfect size for applying the stuff and makes it easy to stay inside the lines (I struggle with Sephora's applicator. #fail). What's more, the stuff somehow stays moisturizing for hours. I usually forget I have it on! I only start to feel some dryness around lunchtime, but even then the color is still stamped on my lips (as long as I let it dry down first...learned that the hard way). And better yet, it's not sinking into any lines! I really need to invest in more of these.

The one downside is, it doesn't last very well through eating. But a girl can't have everything....


Monday, July 21, 2014

{Top: Michael Kors (similar) | Shorts: Gap | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoes: Saltwater Sandals | Bracelet: Alex and Ani | Sunnies: Ray-Ban}

Do you ever have days where you don't want to put any effort into what you wear? I may be a fashion blogger, but I have a lot of those days. It's difficult to always feel like you have to be "on" all the time. And I do feel that way. I feel like I should be wearing an outfit that's "blogworthy" because, hey, I have a blog. About fashion. But really, I don't always want to worry about how cute I look. Or what trend I'm supposed to be including. I just want to be comfortable and wear something simple. Something perfect for reading in the park and unexpectedly meeting friends on the street. Something that's totally me. 

And this outfit is it. And I'll put it on the blog because TCC is a personal representation of me (and what I wear). And I'm not always dressed to the nines. I'm not always practicing my skills in layering (am I ever?). I'm just a girl wearing a tank top and shorts and living life.

I'm Blue da-ba-dee

Friday, July 18, 2014

{Shirt: Apt. 9 via Kohl's | Skirt: ModCloth | Shoes: DSW | Bag: Coach | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet & Earrings: BaubleBar (both sold out) | Lip: Marc Jacobs Beauty Neo-Noir}

Ask most of my close friends what my favorite color is, and they'll tell you pink. I've always been a pink girl. But lately, I've found myself graduating towards various shades of blue. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's my current sort-of-tan-but-not-quite skintone. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining. There's just something so calming about blue. And it pairs so well with tan. And cognac. And leather. And really sparkly earrings from BaubleBar!

I forgot how much I lurve big earrings. I see more on my horizon. 

A 5 Product Summer Face

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm a huge makeup junkie. We're all aware of that. But as soon as the temperatures climb into the 90s, I want as few things on my face as possible, while still remaining presentable. The fewer things to sweat off, right? So with some careful curating, I've narrowed down my every day products to just 5 items.
On the face, a lightweight base that provides coverage, sun protection, and skin care benefits. I'm currently crushing hard on bareMinerals new bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (I'm using shade 06 Bare Satin). This stuff is liquid gold. I've been waiting for ages for bareMinerals to release a liquid mineral foundation, and this is all I could ask for and more! A tone-correcting foundation and skincare serum in once, a little goes a long way. Two drops is all I need for the perfect amount of lightweight coverage. The finish is luminous and natural, and it feels like you're wearing nothing. Better yet, it has staying power, with or without primer. I might never use another foundation again.
Spackle on a bit of concealer under the eyes and on any redness (my nose is perpetually red. Why is this a thing?) and you've got a perfect, lightweight base. 
For all that I've got enough hair on my head for 4 people, I was blessed with the wispiest eyebrows on earth. So filling them in is an absolute must. My product of choice is currently Anastasia New York's Dip Brow pomade. At first I wasn't sold on it, but now that I've mastered the process (i.e. my eyebrows no longer look like I drew them on with permanent marker), I am absolutely in love. This stuff doesn't budge for anything

Follow this up with bronzer (or some combination of bronzer and blush, depending on what I'm going for). I'm loving this Rimmel bronzer, both because it's waterproof, and it closely mimics the color of my skin as I tan. This is a bonus, since sometimes I get a little too much sun. Despite wearing SPF. Oops.
A curl of the lashes and a few swipes of waterproof mascara followed by a bright lip (obviously) to finish up the look, and you're good to go. And all in about 6 minutes!