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Reaffirming My Love of Jackets

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top: Zara, similar here; Jacket: Old Navy (old), similar here; Pants; DKNY, similar here; Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here
Where I Wore It: Work and Georgetown (2/28/12)

I was rifling around in my closet over the weekend looking for my skirts (all of which had somehow ended up in the back along with my dress pants - clearly you can see how long its been since I needed a "business casual" look and I stumbled across all my jackets! Now, I was aware of my blazers (not that I wear them...) but I forgot all about this little jewel (similar to the one seen here that I wore for last week's Find it Friday).  I completely forgot how much I like cropped jackets (I like my shirts really long because I have a long torso and cropped things over it works), and now that I've gotten over my weird aversion to 3/4 length sleeves over longer sleeves, I'm going to wear it all the time.  Old Navy, you should make more of these!

Also, look at me mixing black and blue again! Hooray!

In other news, when did J.Crew hike their prices?  I swear last time I was in there skirts were not $110! Not unless it was something special like wool.  Or liquid gold.  Everything was ridiculously expensive! Even the sale rack was expensive.  It was a sad day, especially because their pencil skirts come in so many bright colors.  Lame.

Then I went to Sephora and spent all my money there.  Reviews of the products I bought (which total 3 and were stupidly expensive) to come!

SIDE NOTE: If you follow me via Google Friend Connect, it might be going away (I think that is only for people using Wordpress, but better safe than sorry).  So: You should all follow me on Bloglovin', the link for which can be found to the left of the page!

Today I Want: Caps

Old Navy Cap-Toe Canvas Ballet Flats, $22.94
I'm a really big fan of cap-toe shoes.  I'm not sure if its the contrast of colors/patterns/textures or if I feel the add a bit of a preppy/dress vibe to simple shoes. However, I really enjoy them (particularly when they are shiny patent leather).

These are awesome versions, particularly as we are looking into spring and summer (really who wants their feet to sweat in leather shoes in a DC summer?), because they are canvas.  With a neon yellow cap-toe.  Neon, people.  It's in, whether or not you like it (they also come in blue, which can be found here).  

I can't wait to wear cute footwear and not worrying about a) my toes freezing off and b) the weather!

What I Wore: Purple Rain

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cami: American Eagle (really old), similar here; Sweater: Loft outlet, similar here; Jeans: J. Crew Matchstick, similar here; Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here
Where I Wore It: Work and the gym (which was gross and smelly yesterday) (2/27/12)

This weather is so in between that it's hard to dress.  Its cold in the morning, ok in the afternoon.  My office is cold or hot, depending on the day (if you know anything about museums, then you know that all these temperature changes are very bad).  I try layering, but I never seem to be at a comfortable temperature.

I also hate all my clothes. Outlet malls, why are you so far away?  Why don't I own a car so I can go to you?

Necklace: Express (old)
But, I found this necklace again!  Hooray! (It was hanging on my necklace rack right where it should be.  I think I'm going blind).

Today I Want: Neon Squiggles

ASOS Midi Dress in Squiggle Print, $53.72
The midi dress seems to be the new thing, and it's a length that I just can't quite wrap my head around.  I think it looks good when its a form-fitting garment, like this dress, but could be weird if it is a looser piece.

I love the print on this dress.  We can ignore that it's yellow and therefore would make me look yellow and sick.  We can also ignore that it is currently only offered in petite (and I am definitely several inches above the petite section).  It's so bright.   I like bright.

You can also how Wendy styled this dress here (and it looks amazing)!

As I wrote this, I realize I totally have a midi dress that is not formfitting and I love it, so who knows

Today I Want: Pink-y Promise

Monday, February 27, 2012

ASOS SANTO Suede Point Court Shoes, $98.48
Pink shoes! Pink shoes! I need/want pink shoes.  And heels.  Suede can transfer to spring/summer when its a pretty, light color...right...?

I can think of so many things I'd wear them with!

Oscar Goods & Bads

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guiliana Rancic
Even though I greatly dislike her, I love this dress.  SPARKLES.  Mermaid line.  Really fun detail on the shoulders

Jessica Chastain
I'm not sure this dress works on Jessica (it might clash with her hair?), but I LOVE the dress itself.  Interesting color.

Berenice Bejo
Mint! Beading! Fun long sleeves!

Ellie Kemper
SHINY.  Love the contrast of the dress and her hair.  Also works wonderfully with her skin time.  Classic cut.  I'm a fan.

 Missi Pyle
BEST COLOR OF THE NIGHT.  She's also tall, so I love her :).

Michelle Williams
Peplum! Coral! Draping.  This dress makes her look BEAUTIFUL.

Glenn Close
Rock it, Glenn Close.  Wear that blazer and ball gown.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Seriously I want to a) be built like Gwyneth Paltrow and b) have a Tom Ford dress with a cape.  Seriously, A CAPE.  I want a cape.

Milla Jovovich
White, sparkly. Awesome.

Shailene Woodley
AH I WANT THIS DRESS.  I'm loving everything columnar at the Oscar's this year.

Emma Stone
Seriously, this is my dream dress.  It's pink and flow-y.  Emma Stone, you are once again smashing.

Cameron Diaz
I want everything about this dress.  Just in a jewel tone.

Angelina Jolie (and the love of my life)
She does no wrong.

Penelope Anne Miller
Just what?  That neckline.  The fabric.  It looks like it got sprayed with pepper.

Rose Byrne
She looks like black PVC pipe.  Or a trashbag?

Kristen Wiig

Rooney Mara
Support.  Support is key, Rooney.

*all pictures via Huffington Post and Moviefone

Weekly Words

Source: via Shay on Pinterest

Source: via Shay on Pinterest

Opposite of Casual Fridays

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jacket: Willi Smith via TJ Maxx, similar here and here; Dress: Forever 21, similar here; Tights: Hue; Boots: Ralph Lauren via Filene's Basement, similar here

Where I Wore It: Work and Dinner/Drinks with friends (2/24/12)

Today I am trying a little something new: Find It Friday, hosted by Rose of I Still Choose You, another really great DC-area blog.  Find it Friday is simple: every Friday, you find something in your closet that you haven't worn in ages.  Then you pull it out and style it.  Maybe you find that you like it and maybe you won't.  Either way, you'll know for sure now, right?

My found item is this blue cropped jacket!  It got pushed to the back of my closet (with a lot of my other jackets), but because it doesn't have a collar, I couldn't see it and I forgot all about it!  However, I was looking for something to wear over this dress (a little too tight for work, I think), and I found it again!  I had already tried on all my other blazers and none of them worked.  But this one totally did (even though I wish it were in another color than blue, like my dress).  It's still cute and in style and looks good unbuttoned too!  I can't wait to style it more frequently as it gets warmer.

In other news, apparently I have a habit of wearing nicer clothes on Fridays, rather than during the week and then being casual on Fridays.  Weird.

Happy weekend, folks!

Friday Favorites

So so so so so sorry I did not keep up with my schedule.  Computer viruses.  What else.

Source: via Shay on Pinterest

Source: via Shay on Pinterest


Cardigan: Loft, similar here; Top: Loft, similar here; Jeans: True Religion, similar here and here; Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here; Necklace: Loft outlet; Watch: Fossil, similar here
Where I Wore It: Work (2/23/12)

It's amazing what a slight change in the cuff of your pants can do.  These jeans, as are all True Religion jeans that I have tried on, are long.  Way too long.  I never had them hemmed because I figured since they were skinny, I could just roll them and they would be fine.  So roll them I did.  Always the same way - so they hit just below my ankle, as they would if I were to hem them.  

Then today rolled around.  It was 65 (yes that says 65.  as in almost 70.  in february) and I was feeling spring in the air.  So I recuffed my pants so they hit a bit above my ankle (I have several other pairs of pants that are "ankle" length, but given that I'm 5'8, they are closer to capris....), slapped on my patent black flats and headed out the door.

Today was glorious.  And I felt glorious because it was like I was wearing new pants.  

Thanks, cuffs.

Oh Noes

Quick update friends. Work computer is virus-ridden so postings are on temporary hold. I'll get my regularly scheduled postings up when I get home!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top: H&M, similar here and here; Jeans: True Religion Disco Billy Big T; Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here

Where I Wore It: work (2/22/12)
Realizations I made while having an impromptu outfit-making session at 10:45 last night:

1. I need to go on a diet.  I have a bridesmaid's gown to be altered in exactly 4 months and to wear in almost exactly 7.  I have dresses that I bought 2 years ago, have never worn or maybe worn only once or twice that are now a bit too tight.  Hopefully my recent motivation for running will assist me in this.

2. None of my skirts fit properly anymore.  This comes as a giant surprise.  I guess I haven't had to wear them in... oh, a year?  I'm not sure if its because I've lost/gained weight or if my hips have grown or if my thighs have grown (this is probably most likely the case: see above statement about running), but my pencil skirts all seem to be too loose in some areas and too tight in others.  I swear they all used to fit...I wouldn't have bought them if they didn't?  They're also all really long.  But they are office wear...  Guess I know what to include in my spring shopping.

4. I'm seriously lacking spring/warm weather clothes.

5. Wearing tights/shoes in the same color really does elongate your leg.  Even when you aren't wearing heels.  Even more so with heels.

6. I have a lot of cute jackets in my closet that I am excited to throw back into rotation.  Warm weather, hurry up!

Scarf: ? via Greek street vendor

I'm 95% sure that I learned how to tie my scarf this way from Wendy.

Today I Want: Pop of Coral

Halston Heritage Accordion-pleated chiffon maxi skirt, $425

I seriously love the color coral.  I am also quickly becoming a fan of pleated chiffon skirts (me, the self-professed hater of pleats).  At first, I only like them in shorter lengths, but I've seen some fabulous bloggers wearing maxi-length version.  Well, I love maxi dresses/skirts!  I'm tall so they work really well.

Now, being a fan of pleated chiffon, coral, and maxi skirts/dresses imagine my joy when I saw this beauty.  Now for a minute we're going to ignore its price tag.  Because I want this skirt really badIt's pretty and it looks flow-y and light, which I really like (does anyone else find jersey maxi dresses to be really heavy?).  And it would transition perfectly into spring/summer. 

Did I mention already that its one of my favorite shades of pink?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top: Forever 21; Jeggings: Ann Taylor Loft, similar here; Boots: Frye Dorado Riding Boots (via Nordstrom Rack); Scarf: ? (via Macy's)
Where I Wore It: to work

I love these boots.  I've waxed poetic on them before, right after they arrived into my greedy, boot-loving little hands.  They're stylish and such a fun color.

However, they are a smidgen too small.  oooooops.  I tried on both 8.5 and 9 (it was a miracle that Nordstrom Rack had both of them to try on) and the 9's felt too big.  My heel was flopping out all over the place.  The 8.5s were a bit too tight (Frye's run narrow), but my heel didn't move.

However, apparently my feet were having a really small day that day.  Regardless, I will wear these boots until they are broken in and they fit.  Or I will take them to a cobbler and have the toe box stretched, because that's really the only problem.  And maybe have the heel widened as well

Does anyone know of any good cobblers in DC?  I know of the one in Union Station, but Yelp has some not-so-great things to say!

In other news, it's supposed to be really warm today and tomorrow.  I am excited to run on the mall and see if my new sneakers make running outside more comfortable than my old ones did!

Today I Want: Michael Kors Be My Friend?

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large North/South Tote, $348
Perhaps I have mentioned how much I love Michael Kors to you before.  I will say it again: I love him.  He's badass.  I want to meet him.  I want his signature sunglasses.  

Since I'm still hunting/wishing for a new work bag, I want this one.  It's so pretty and sturdy and huge.  And a fun color.  The leather is also gorgeous (I may have gone to Macy's the other day with A. and stared at it for a little while.  I may have also petted it a couple times).  

WANT/NEED.  Anyone want to get it for me?

Trends I Love: Colored Pants

1. J Brand 811 Skinny Ankle Pants, 2. ASOS Skinny Jeans in Neon Coral # 4, 3. Free People Millennium Cropped Colored Skinny Jeans, 4.& 5.  Rag & Bone/ JEAN the Legging Jeans, 6. J Brand Twill Skinny in Bright Royal
I am so wholeheartedly a fan of the growing trend of colored pants that I can't even begin to express it.  I love color.  I think it is one of the greatest things about life, and it makes me so sad to see those who go about their days in neutrals.  COLOR PEOPLE

Therefore, I am so excited to add more colored pants to my wardrobe!  As you can see here and here,  I've already got green and light purple (I was years ahead of the trend with those ahem, ahem) pants and I want pink ones next!  And red.  And that pretty coral color seen above.  And bright blue.  And orange.

You can see the trend.  Colors are good my friends.  I finally feel like my desire to look like a rainbow is justified by the fashion gurus, not just by myself.  It's a good day.

Black & Blue....& Brown?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top & Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, similar shirt here and here, similar skirt here and here; Tights: Gap; Boots: Ralph Lauren via Filene's Basement, similar here, here and here; Belt: Banana Republic, similar here and here
Where I Wore It: work, dinner @ Matchbox, and the movies (2/17/12)

It felt good to dress up a little bit on Friday. As I've probably mentioned before, a dress-code at my place of employment is nonexistent (I'm not joking..people wear whatever they want).  Because of that and because of my inability to plan outfits in advance so I don't have to think of them at 6:30 when I'm frantically trying to get ready, I basically throw on whatever is most comfortable and readily available.  However, on Friday I knew I was going to go out for dinner and drinks and to see a movie, I planned my outfit! And I looked cute!  I may have left the house without my scarf and needed to go to Macy's to buy a new one (what a shame...), but I wore a skirt (I love this skirt, its my favorite and I want to wear it every day)!

I'm slowly becoming a fan of the whole mixing colors with black thing.  Growing up, my mother instilled in me several fashion rules, one of which was never (ever, ever) wear blue or brown with black because they are too similar and will look ridiculous.  Well, I've decided, that so long as it isn't navy blue or a very dark brown, it is fine.  And it works.

Take that, fashion faux pas.

PS ~ I thought I had more pictures.  Apparently, I lied.

PPS ~ I promise I'm getting a tripod soon.  Promise.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Today is Mardi Gras!  I find it to be such a random, but happy holiday.  It's been ages since I actually celebrated it in anyway (we always did something in French class in high school), but I still have beads somewhere in my house and I still love looking at pictures of the insanity taking place in New Orleans!

I really need/want to go to New Orleans, not necessarily for Mardi Gras (a friend of mine went to school there and said that the city is horrifying during the 2 week celebration, particularly if you are not a party animal), but because I feel like it is a place I need to see.  I'm really big on cities with history and character, which is why I adore Boston and New York so much (I find DC sadly lacking in this respect).  New Orleans (and a few other southern cities I can think of, like Charleston, SC), however, have that character and history.  Must visit.

Today I Want: Bug

Fossil Saxon Flat in Taupe, $69
I originally thought these shoes had spots on them and I got really excited.  Upon closer inspection, it appears that they are little bugs.  I think?  I'm going to say they are ladybugs because ladybugs are nice bugs that eat bad ones.

Except they still freak me out irrationally. Ew.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Top: Anthropologie, similar here; Jeans: DKNY, similar here; Shoes: Tory Burch Revas; Belt: Steve Madden
Where I Wore It: To Work and the gym! (2/16/12)
I love this shirt.  Its so nice and huge and looks great with both a skinny or a wide belt. And its sort of mannish?  Thanks, anthropologie!

 I also love my shoes, even though the elastic at the back absolutely kills the back of my feet by the end of the day. 

Does anyone else have that problem? Or just me?

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