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Winter Beauty Solutions

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Drugstore Buys

Winter air leaves me feeling so dry! Living in the city, which requires me to be outside walking to and from places all day just saps the moisture right out of my skin, and running the heat and working in a museum (low relative humidity is good for most kinds of objects) makes it even worse. Every year, I turn to a concoction of salves and serums to try to alleviate the weather and have found some tried and true remedies!

1. Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing night cream - This little (read large, it lasts forever) pot is a lifesaver! It's creamy and thick, but doesn't leave a gummy film on your face. My skin, which is oily as all get out and acne prone drinks this stuff up after my nightly shower. Bonuses? It's all natural, contains vitamins, and smells really good. I'm a huge fan of the Neutrogena naturals line!

2. EOS Lip Balm Sphere - I'm sure you've seen these babies all over the blogosphere, but they really are as great as everyone says! Cute, they fit right into your hand and pack some serious moisture. They also come in a lot of yummy, fruity scents, but I prefer your standard mint.

3. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream - I hate wearing gloves (can't use my phone!), so my hands are always exposed to the elements. This stuff is a lifesaver. It's rich and thick and does wonders for my extra dry hands.

4. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Lotion - I've got curly hair, and as curlygirl knows, they need conditioner. Lots, and lots, and lots of conditioner. Especially in the winter, where cold air and low humidity dries them out like anything else. After I absolutely drench my hair with conditioner in the shower and rise some most of it out, I flip my head over and massage some of this through my curls. Olive oil is really good for both your skin and hair (as well as your heart) and this stuff provides my hair with a little extra to soak up to keep my curls from frizzing out of control!

5. Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion - My skin is super dry on a good day, so in winter it's even worse. This lotion, which is geared specifically towards super dry skin works wonders.

6. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil - Like I said, my skin is super dry, and while I can usually get away with shaving my legs using my body wash followed by lotion, in the winter I need a little bit more. I actually just read about this trick, but using baby oil works so much better than shaving cream and is cheaper, too!

7. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm - The only non-drugstore item in my arsenal, this lip balm is hands down the best. I apply it before bed each night and wake up with soft, smooth lips. It's great!

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